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Code of ethics


Waarp wrote this charter to notify the fundamental principles which guide its decisions and actions. These values make it possible to respond to the trust that Waarp employees, customers, suppliers and partners have the right to expect.

Fairness of conduct

We carry out our business while respecting our competitors: competition must be fair and refute any denigration; we respect the right to property and thus refuse to copy with the aim of deceiving our potential customers. We also refuse any form of corruption.

Respect for staff

When carrying out their missions at Waarp, everyone ensures that they adopt a courteous and respectful attitude towards others, colleagues or external contacts. The missions entrusted to employees take into account their prior training and their
appetite for technological challenge and new challenges. This is done with respect for the well-being, health and safety of employees, which management ensures through regular one-to-one exchanges. At Waarp, hierarchical authority is not exercised for any purpose other than ensuring the proper functioning of the company and the development of its employees: every week, file assignments, workload plans, Priorities are defined by consensus with the teams. Information relating to the company is shared transparently with employees (objectives, results,
victories, defeats, etc.). The remaining objective is to promote everyone's work through the results obtained and, as far as possible, to share their value. At the request of employees, Waarp has chosen 100% teleworking but leaves the
possibility for applicant employees to join a co-working space or join the company premises of one of Waarp's partners.

Staff equality

Waarp is committed to considering all of its employees fairly, respecting the principles of equality between men and women and without discrimination towards people with disabilities, without discrimination of gender, ages, religion, etc.

The respect of environment

Our commitment is determined on a daily basis: 100% of positions are operated remotely, which reduces the impact of home-office travel. Business trips are very limited, one or two per year. The computer equipment used is repaired as a priority before being recycled if it can no longer be repaired. The solutions developed and marketed by Waarp also allow its customers to optimize their data storage infrastructures as well as their energy consumption.

Respect for customers

By the nature of its activities, Waarp contracts with a large number of clients, a significant number of whom are positioned on sensitive markets (Ministry of the Armed Forces, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of
Finances, etc.) and guarantees them the confidentiality of exchanges and shared information. Waarp is committed to ensuring that its teams are competent and professional and that they provide all of its clients with honest and loyal business relationships. Waarp's raison d'être is also to offer its customers reliable open source solutions, less expensive than those of its competitors selling licenses.

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