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Updated Waarp documentation: New graphic charter and more!


Documentation plays a vital role in our users' experience, providing them with crucial information to get the most out of our products. In a constant effort to improve, we are delighted to announce that we have just updated our documentation. This update includes several significant changes.

In this article, let’s explore these improvements together…

I) New graphic charter: the emblematic Orange of Waarp

Bright orange has long been Waarp's signature color. In communication, orange symbolizes energy, dynamism and here more precisely our passion for innovation and conviviality. As part of updating our documentation, we obviously highlighted this color to reinforce our visual identity.

Advantages for each party:

  • Easy identification: Spontaneity in terms of recognition of our company,

  • Better understanding: The use of orange makes it possible to distinguish the elements and makes the text stand out,

  • Visual consistency: The consistency of the graphic charter strengthens our brand image while creating a more pleasant and consistent user experience.

II) Documentation Components

Other categories are obviously present and require your attention just as much. Our documentation consists of several essential elements, each with their own role in providing valuable information to users. Here is an overview of these components:

  • User Guide: This guide details the steps to effectively using our products, providing users with essential resources to get started quickly and easily, while taking full advantage of product features,

  • Administration Guide: System administrators will find in this guide all the information necessary to manage our products optimally, ensuring reliable and secure performance.

  • Version history: This allows users to follow the evolution of our products, discover new features and understand improvements made over time.

III) Improved accessibility

In addition to the elements previously discussed, we have also focused on accessibility to ensure that our information is easily accessible and understandable at all levels.

  • Improved Usability: Increased accessibility means our documentation is more user-friendly for users of all levels, promoting a more enjoyable experience.

  • Inclusivity: We are committed to ensuring that no one is excluded from the use of our products, which is why even in the event of misunderstanding, do not hesitate to contact us via

Feel free to join forum at


The update of our documentation, with its new graphic charter and its improved components, demonstrate our continued commitment to the satisfaction of our users.

We hope these improvements will help you get the most out of our products and enjoy a great user experience. Feel free to explore our documentation in detail and give us your feedback.

so that we can continue to serve you as best as possible.

Link to our documentation:


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