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WAARP news


This version contains 3 improvements and more than 6 fixes.

Waarp Gateway Update Release Note

Main novelty

Sometimes it is necessary to start a transfer and start a transfer for a file that will be generated as a pre-transfer task.

This use case is now supported by Waarp Gateway.

For example, if you wish to transfer the entire a_send/ folder in a zipped archive, it is possible to start the transfer of the file, and configure the EXEC task as pre-transfer with the zip-folder command. .sh #ORIGINALFILENAME#, and the following script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash zip -r $1 ${}

List of changes

New features

  • #374 Added 2 columns src_filename and dest_filename to the transfers and history tables. These columns contain respectively (when relevant) the source file name, and the destination file name of the transfer. Unlike the already existing local_path and remote_path columns, the content of these 2 new columns never changes, even when the file name is modified during the transfer. Therefore, the filenames src_filename and dest_filename always contain the filename as it was given in the original request.

  • #375 It is now possible to start a send transfer even if the file to send does not yet exist, as long as it is created before the start of the data sending phase. Typically this starts a transfer where the file is created via pre-tasks.

  • Task logs (especially EXEC tasks) have been improved. In the case of EXEC tasks, the standard output of the external program is now retrieved and written to the gateway logs (at DEBUG level).


  • #374 Transfers created with an absolute file path dropped the file in the wrong location,

  • #374 If the file name changed during the transfer, and the transfer in question was then rescheduled (via the waarp-gateway transfer retry command), the transfer systematically failed with a "file not found" error,

  • #376 Fixed a bug in the Gateway R66 client which prevented it from retrieving a file from a Waarp R66 agent due to "bad file path",

  • #376 Also fixed a compatibility bug with Waarp R66 agents which could cause a Gateway crash in certain circumstances,

  • #377 Removed the 2 second time limit imposed by the *updateconf* script to perform a configuration import. This time limit caused the import to fail when it took more than 2 seconds to complete.

Additionally, the import command has been optimized to reduce the time the database transaction is active. This helps avoid transaction conflicts that can occur when a transaction remains open too long.



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