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Public documents

CSR charter

In order to respond to the environmental, societal and ethical issues that have become essential in our society, WAARP is committed to a Social and Environmental Responsibility approach. Considered as a guarantee of progress and sustainability, it emerges as the key to shared growth, profitable for the company, its employees, partners and more broadly civil society and the environment in which we operate. Our commitments are formalized by a Charter of Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR), a reference document defining the objectives, principles and roles of each person. Respecting these commitments is part of an approach, based on volunteerism, and constitutes the key to the long-term sustainable development of the company.

Governance and ethics

WAARP is committed to adopting and applying best governance practices in terms of transparency, ethics in business conduct, and assessment and anticipation of risks vis-à-vis stakeholders. As a responsible shareholder, WAARP already integrates CSR criteria into the analysis and choice of its future investments.

Supplier relations

WAARP expects its suppliers to:

  • Respect the principles of the Global Compact, the 8 fundamental Conventions of the ILO2 and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Labor Rights,

  • Implement the necessary means to ensure compliance with the principles set out in this charter throughout its supply chain, including in countries that are not signatories to the ILO conventions where they may work,

  • Respect social and environmental regulations and implement actions aimed at moving closer to the best practices of their profession,

  • Meet in particular legal obligations within the framework of their activity and profession.

We apply purchasing methods that stimulate real competition between suppliers. We treat our suppliers with honesty and respect, and we give everyone equal opportunities, both in the supplier selection phases for panel construction and in the awarding of business. Our purchasing policy is naturally oriented towards long-term partnerships in constructive dialogue and joint efforts. WAARP sources exclusively in Europe
with particular attention to French suppliers. Regarding the equipment used, we favor very good quality CE and NF certified products. In any case, we refuse to install poor quality imported products or products for which we have doubts about their production method.

Business practices

WAARP undertakes to:

  • Promote customer satisfaction and listen to their expectations and comments with a view to continuous improvement,

  • Prioritize respect for mutual interests,

  • Display a clear pricing policy,

  • Respect business law and fight against any abusive practices,

  • Prevent insider trading, corruption and fight against money laundering with reinforced resources,

  • Maintain ethical legal and regulatory monitoring,

Constantly listening to our partners, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, WAARP has been committed since its creation to a global quality approach for all the services it provides. This quality approach allows us to have reasoned and controlled environmental management.
The quality policy, defined by WAARP Management, has the following objectives:

  • To ensure quality service to its customers,

  • To ensure that regulations are constantly updated,

  • To respect ethical requirements,

  • To provide ongoing technical training to our technicians,

  • To enable our company to progress on technical and organizational levels.

WAARP has formalized a process for measuring customer satisfaction.

Social engagement

The men and women who work within WAARP constitute its wealth and strength. This strong multi-skills allows us to position our partners at the heart of our concerns. At WAARP, our goal is to achieve excellence for the motivation and well-being of our employees. Quality, availability, training are a source of progress and enrichment for everyone. For this, WAARP strives to respect and promote the diversity of backgrounds, cultures and origins, to promote gender equality in professional treatment at all levels of the company, with respect for each profession and of each sector of activity. Our commitment is illustrated in the implementation of business and skills benchmarks. The assessment by employees themselves and by managers of each person's skills and needs promotes collective development. As an extension of the professional training reform, our company is part of a process of professional development interviews. The objective is to support our employees throughout their professional career to enable them to give the best of themselves.

Health and security at work

WAARP is committed to providing working conditions in which fundamental human rights and labor standards are respected: a stimulating working environment aimed at contributing to the development of its employees. Every year,
we assess professional risks and implement a plan to prevent these risks. All of the equipment enabling safe work is provided to each of our employees. Beyond this approach, we seek to achieve
significant progress in risk reduction.

Social commitment

WAARP is convinced that the structuring of a societal project linked to the company's activity can constitute a unifying element for teams, by allowing each individual to strengthen the sense of their professional involvement and their
attachment to the company. Our company participates in local life in multiple ways:

  • By promoting local hiring,

  • By developing relationships with schools and lessees developing links with stakeholders such as the Chamber of Trades, etc.


Faced with the environmental challenges it faces, WAARP is convinced that a company can create sustainable value by minimizing its environmental impacts. Concerned about building a lasting legacy for generations
future, we make environmental responsibility a priority issue. The WAARP company, strongly committed to preserving our environment, relied on article L541-2 of the Environmental Code 3 in order to design its
waste collection, sorting, treatment and recovery procedures WAARP carries out various actions for this purpose:

  • Reduction of energy consumption,

  • Rationalization of printing,

  • Eco-responsible purchases,

  • Reduction of electricity consumption,

  • Waste management,

  • Rationalization of travel for company employees,

  • Optimization of logistics to avoid unnecessary journeys, etc.


Each project is unique. We put our innovation capabilities at the service of customers and users to offer tailor-made solutions capable of meeting their most complex needs and constraints.


Efficiency is, on all occasions, the search for pragmatic and proven solutions. It is also, in the conduct of our operations, the desire to work in order to achieve the objectives that we set with our clients, a guarantee of the sustainability of our activities.

The competence

Competence is reflected in our company by technological, methodological and organizational mastery of the professions in which we operate. The certifications of our equipment, the skills of our technicians, the methodologies deployed are the guarantors of this.

Solution orientation

Whatever the projects, we offer personalized solutions adapted to your requirements. Solution orientation creates a forward aspiration, which sets things in motion! WAARP pays constant attention to the expectations of its customers. This listening to the field translates into constant pragmatism in problem solving and work organization.

The reactivity

Strong responsiveness and great adaptability to change are possible thanks to human-sized teams promoting communication, the transmission of skills and the sharing of experiences. WAARP relies on its efficient and responsive teams, benefiting from short information circuits and rapid decision-making, and with great adaptability to change.

The involvement

Being fully committed to the satisfaction of our customers is the motive which guides the company's relations with its employees by creating a real dynamic. An actor in our performance, each employee is invested in the success of the company. We encourage the development of the know-how and expertise of all our employees.


At WAARP, adapting means being able to face the unexpected and modify one's working methods in order to cope with the changes, constraints and deadlines of each project.


WAARP is constantly listening to the expectations of its customers. Each of them has, throughout their project, a privileged contact who will be able to answer all these questions and advise them. The principles of the Global Compact relating to human rights, labor standards and the environment are the subject of universal consensus and are inspired by the following instruments:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

  • The ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work,

  • The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development,

  • The Global Compact invites companies to adopt, support and apply within their sphere of influence a set of fundamental values, in the areas of human rights, labor standards and the environment, and the fight against corruption .

The ten principles are:
Human rights :
o Principle No. 1: Companies are invited to promote and respect the protection of international human rights law within their sphere of influence,
o Principle No. 2: to ensure that their own companies are not complicit in human rights violations.
Labour Standards :
o Principle No. 3: Companies are invited to respect freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining,
o Principle No. 4: the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labor,
o Principle No. 5: the effective abolition of child labor,
o Principle No. 6: the elimination of discrimination in matters of employment and profession.
Environment :
o Principle No. 7: Companies are invited to apply the approach of
precaution in the face of problems affecting the environment,
o Principle No. 8: to undertake initiatives tending to promote a
greater environmental responsibility,
o Principle No. 9: to encourage the development and diffusion of technologies
environmentally friendly.
Fight against corruption :

o Principle No. 10: Businesses are encouraged to take action against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

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