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Charter on the management
of waste


WAARP is a company that has chosen teleworking as its permanent mode of operation.
As a result, we considerably limit the production of waste, whether recyclable or not.
Our activity is essentially based on the creation of computer code produced on DELL brand professional laptops. To our knowledge (and through our experience with this type of equipment), it is the one whose planned obsolescence is the least obvious. The equipment chosen by us is fully repairable with an average duration
12-year spare parts and availability of said parts guaranteed directly from the manufacturer.

Waste management

In 2023, we have not made any replacement of equipment that could be recycled.
The average lifespan of our employees' computers is around 6 years. Having, for the most part, been purchased in 2021, we do not anticipate any changes before 2026. Unless there is an irreparable breakdown or unforeseen obsolescence. Furthermore, our employees work from their respective homes and are subject to local regulations concerning selective sorting (LYON, NICE, ORLEANS,

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