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Waarp Commitments

Eco-consciousness: let's act together  to reduce our footprint

Much more than a simple file transfer publishing company, WAARP positions itself resolutely in favor of an innovative and responsible work organization. With this in mind, teleworking has established itself as a central practice within our structure, since the Covid19 pandemic.


Teleworking at Waarp: an inevitable development

Teleworking, defined in France as a form of work organization allowing employees to carry out their activity outside the employer's premises, has taken a prominent place within WAARP. The lockdowns linked to the Covid-19 crisis have accelerated this transition, with our employees expressing the desire to maintain 100% teleworking. We took this opportunity to rethink our organizational methods, promoting flexibility, work-life balance and thus contributing to sustainable development by reducing the footprint of transport on the environment.


A global commitment to teleworking

Teleworking at WAARP extends to all of our employees, including interns, and is based on voluntary work, excluding any sanction in the event of refusal. This approach is part of a desire to modernize managerial relations, promoting a balance between economic and social performance.

Since March 2020, all of our employees, including IT engineers, sales and marketing managers, as well as customer support, have carried out their missions 100% remotely. To guarantee adequate conditions, our employees must have compatible accommodation, certified as technically and electrically compliant.

Workload regulation and rigorous control

The teleworking workload is comparable to that in business, controlled by time management tools. Weekly reviews and regular discussions ensure effective collaboration.

Teleworking control methods: transparency and accountability

The teleworker organizes his working time in compliance with standards, with regular communication on the tasks carried out. Availability times and organizational needs of the company are also taken into account.

Equipment and reimbursement of expenses: complete support

WAARP supplies, installs and maintains the equipment necessary for teleworking. Costs related to teleworking are reimbursed to the extent of €60 per month, covering internet and mobile connection expenses.


Health and safety at work: indisputable priority

Teleworkers benefit from the same coverage as other employees and are monitored by the health service. Health and safety rules, particularly relating to the use of screens, are rigorously followed.

By adopting teleworking on an extensive basis, WAARP is fully committed to an eco-responsible approach, thus reducing its ecological footprint while offering its employees flexibility essential to the balance between professional and personal life.


Waste management


WAARP, as a company promoting permanent teleworking, has consciously chosen a mode of operation aimed at considerably reducing the production of waste, whether recyclable or not. Our activity, centered on the creation of computer code using professional DELL brand laptops, is characterized by a commitment to the durability and repairability of the equipment.

Choice of material

We opted for DELL brand professional laptops because of their reputation for durability and the least evidence of planned obsolescence. This equipment is selected for its ability to be repaired, with an average spare parts life of 12 years, and availability guaranteed directly by the manufacturer.


Replacement and recycling

During 2023, no replacement of recyclable material was made. The average lifespan of our employees' computers is estimated at 6 years, and most were purchased in 2021. Therefore, no replacement is planned before 2026, except in the event of irreparable breakdown or unforeseen obsolescence.

Local regulations

Our employees working from their respective homes are subject to local regulations regarding selective sorting. We actively encourage and support compliance with selective sorting practices in accordance with the regulations in force in their places of residence, in particular in Lyon, Nice, Orléans, Barbentane, and any other place where our employees are present.

WAARP is committed to maintaining a responsible approach to waste management, promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. We will continue to evaluate and improve our practices in this area, aligning our actions with the principles of social and environmental responsibility.


Ecovadis silver medal: Waarp stands out for its CSR commitment


Waarp is honored to receive the Ecovadis Silver Medal, a prestigious recognition highlighting our continued commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our innovative approach, notably the use of teleworking, contributed significantly to this distinction. By integrating teleworking into our way of operating, we not only reduce our carbon footprint, but we also promote a flexible and balanced work environment for our employees.

This silver medal reflects our commitment to ethical business practices, responsible resource management, and positive contribution to local communities. It attests to our desire to create a lasting positive impact in all our activities.


Score of 60/100: an encouraging performance

A CSR rating of 60/100, an encouraging score which testifies to our sustained efforts in terms of sustainability. This performance reflects our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact while maximizing our social contribution. We are proud of the progress made so far, but we recognize that the path to full sustainability is constantly evolving.

This score of 60/100 motivates us to maintain our momentum and intensify our actions in favor of sustainable development. We are committed to exploring new initiatives and collaborating with our stakeholders to constantly improve our CSR practices.


A greener future: Waarp commits to improving its CSR score


At Waarp, our commitment to sustainability does not stop with the silver medal and the score of 60/100. We see this as a step towards an even more sustainable future. We are committed to implementing innovative strategies, investing in more sustainable practices and strengthening our positive impact on the planet.

Follow our journey as we seek to continually improve our CSR score over the years. We invite our partners, customers and collaborators to join us in this adventure towards a greener future, where innovation, social responsibility and sustainability come together to create a positive and ecological impact.



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