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Ecovadis Silver Medal - CSR Performance 2022

WAARP obtains the silver medal for its CSR performance in 2022

Waarp is a company that is 100% focused on developing MFT solutions; high-performance, durable and secure solutions allowing numerous transfers to be monitored remotely and very quickly. A small company certainly, but with big ambitions! In constant research to develop, offer and implement the best products and services to its customers. Waarp still keeps an eye on its CSR policy…

What is CSR performance?

The acronym CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, highlights all the practices put in place aimed at respecting the principles of sustainable development. CSR encompasses the social, environmental and economic domain. More concretely, CSR performance provides information on a company's ability to respect and contribute to the challenges of sustainable development.

Evaluation by Ecovadis

Waarp's assessment of its performance was carried out by the company EcoVadis , known worldwide in particular for its “evidence-based and internationally recognized CSR assessments of companies”.

The Waarp company obtains an overall score of 60/100. This has been the subject of environmental, social and human rights assessments, as well as ethics. A well-deserved silver medal and a source of motivation to increase efforts!


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