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Open Source, a little history

In this article, discover or rediscover Open Source. Its history, its interests, its advantages in business (etc.): what is Open Source?

First of all, it is important to know that the notion of Open Source was invented at the end of the 20th century. In French, literally, Open source means “open source”. Open Source applies to certain software whose license falls within the criteria defined by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

Concretely, Open Source software is actually code designed to be accessible to the public. The latter can thus be viewed, modified and transmitted to anyone. It is initially launched under a specific license, in fact many different licenses exist.

Open Source software is also intended to evolve. Indeed, it generally benefits from a longer lifespan since the community that absorbs it continues its development and thus makes it constantly evolve.

Many examples of software of this type are known to everyone. To cite a few examples, “we can cite the Linux OS, the Python programming language, Ansible, the Mozilla web browser […]”.

Today, several platforms are dedicated to hosting Open Source. Among them, we find: GitHub and GitLab , Git repositories.

What are the advantages for an organization of opting for Open Source?

Several elements tend to prove that this alternative is indeed the right one:

  • Regular checks and updates

  • Reliability

  • Flexibility

  • Less expensive

How does Open Source work at Waarp?

Open Source works the same way at Waarp as everywhere else. As the "core team" of the solution, we have implemented a continuous integration methodology and infrastructure (cross code review, unit test, integration test, non-regression test) which guarantees high reliability of the product code while allowing rapid evolution of our software.

The community can also interact with the code by opening “issues” directly in our Gitlab repository.

Among our solutions: Waarp R66 Server, Waarp Transfer, Waarp Gateway

You can therefore freely access all Gitlab and Github online downloads and documentation, sites dedicated to Open Source hosting:

  • Regular updates (with the associated changelog)

  • Reliable, efficient and secure software

  • Community support via forum ( )

  • Professional support

To keep you informed of the latest releases, find our news


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