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Waarp is committed alongside “1 Jeune 1 Solution” with the Community “Companies are committed

Waarp proudly announces its membership in the “Companies get involved” Community. This major initiative, launched by the President of the Republic in 2018, brings together more than 74,000 companies through 101 departmental Clubs, mobilizing more than 300 people nationally. At the heart of this mobilization, Waarp is actively involved in the crucial action of “1 Jeune 1 Solution”, an essential program aimed at facilitating the professional integration of young people in France.

Commitment to “1 Young 1 Solution”

Waarp considers youth as “engines of development” and is resolutely committed to the “1 Youth 1 Solution” program. This initiative aims to offer concrete employment, training and support opportunities, aligned with the specific challenges that young people face in a complex economic context. As an active member, Waarp implements concrete actions by offering internships and adapted training, as well as determined support to accompany young people towards a promising professional future.

Companies are committed to an inclusive and sustainable society

The “Businesses Get Involved” Community’s mission is to build new areas of cooperation between businesses and the State, thus responding to the social and environmental challenges of our time. With the ambition of bringing together 150,000 committed companies, this community supports companies in their daily approach in favor of a more inclusive society and a sustainable world.

Waarp, key player in the transition to a promising future

By joining the “Companies are getting involved” Community, Waarp is affirming its role as a key player in this transition. Waarp's sustained commitment to 1 Youth 1 Solution reflects his deep belief in the importance of employment and education for younger generations. Waarp is thus positioning itself as a company committed to the future, actively contributing to the construction of a more equitable and sustainable society.

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