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Waarp Commitments

Compliance with ethical standards: the path we choose to follow

Commitment to responsibility in supplier and purchasing relationships

Waarp is proud to be a signatory of the “Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing Charter”. This initiative reinforces our commitment to ethical practices in our relationships with our suppliers. The charter, developed to promote lasting professional relationships, encourages the values of transparency, fairness and sustainability.

By adhering to this charter, we commit to integrating fundamental values into our procurement policy. We are also certain that this approach contributes to the construction of a more responsible business world, respectful of society, but also of the environment.

Strengths of our commitment


  • Transparency: We are committed to maintaining transparent relationships with our suppliers.

  • Fairness: The charter reinforces our commitment to fairness, ensuring that our purchasing processes are fair and ethical for all parties involved.

  • Sustainability: We integrate sustainable practices into our purchasing decisions, thereby contributing to the preservation of the environment and sustainable development.


Code of ethics

In the specific context of our software suppliers, the principles set out in the Waarp ethical charter are of particular importance. This charter, developed to guide our decisions and actions, reflects our commitment to fundamental values which aim to respond to the legitimate trust of our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Fairness of conduct

We extend our commitment to loyalty to relationships with our software suppliers. We promise fair competition, refuse any form of denigration of our competitors, respect intellectual property rights, and categorically reject any involvement in corrupt practices. This loyalty is essential to establishing lasting and trusting relationships.


Respect for staff

We are committed to adopting a courteous and respectful attitude towards our software suppliers, recognizing the importance of each actor in the supply chain. Like our approach towards our employees, we promote transparency in our relationships with our suppliers, sharing relevant information and valuing everyone's work.


Staff equality

We apply the principle of equality to all our partners, without discrimination based on gender, age, religion, or any other criterion. We are committed to treating our software suppliers fairly, respecting the principles of diversity and inclusion.


Respect the environment

Our commitment to sustainability also extends to our software providers. We encourage teleworking and limit travel, thus helping to reduce environmental impact. Additionally, we encourage our suppliers to adopt environmentally friendly practices in the development, maintenance and recycling of software.they.


Respect for customers

We apply the principles of confidentiality and business integrity to our interactions with our software suppliers. We are committed to guaranteeing the competence and professionalism of our teams to ensure honest and loyal business relationships. In addition, we seek to offer reliable and cost-effective solutions, in line with our mission to offer open source solutions.

By integrating the ethical principles of our charter into our relationships with software providers, we reinforce our commitment to social responsibility, integrity, and sustainability, while contributing to an ethical and equitable business ecosystem.

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