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WAARP news

Waarp joins the Eden Cluster: Defense Security Safety Cluster

Waarp is pleased to be an integral part of the Eden Cluster : Defense, Security, Safety, a dynamic association that promotes collaboration and innovation within the strategic sectors of defense, security and safety.

Thanks to its vast network of experts, the EDEN Cluster connects the skills and know-how of its members, thus offering unique opportunities for collaboration and development. In addition, the cluster offers support actions, anticipates market developments and actively supports technological innovations that shape the future of our industries.

EDEN's strategy is based on four main axes:

  1. Information exchange and sharing: In an area as critical as defense and security, communication and information sharing are essential. The EDEN Cluster promotes this exchange both within its members and with clients and clients.

  2. Common representation: The cluster ensures strong representation of its members in major global events, specialized trade fairs, as well as in national and international bodies, thus strengthening their visibility and influence.

  3. Strategic monitoring: The EDEN Cluster ensures constant monitoring, both offensive and defensive, in order to detect emerging opportunities and threats. This vigilance leads to the implementation of institutional relations actions aimed at protecting and promoting the interests of its members.

  4. Research and development: Finally, the cluster encourages research and development in the field of defense, thus promoting innovation and technological progress in the service of national and international security.

Now members of the cluster, we are excited to participate in these initiatives and help shape the future of our industries.


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