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Provigis silver medal for Waarp in 2024!

Provigis Silver Medal: A Constant Commitment to Legal Compliance and Social Responsibility

It is with great satisfaction that we announce that Waarp recently obtained the Provigis silver medal, a significant distinction which testifies to our constant commitment to rigorous compliance with legal obligations and social contribution standards, in accordance with article D8222-5 of the Labor Code. This recognition comes after a recent reassessment which highlighted our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Perseverance and Commitment in Administrative and Social Management

The Provigis silver medal represents much more than just a trophy for us. It symbolizes our perseverance and our commitment to maintaining high standards of administrative and social management. This distinction reinforces our credibility as a company that places legal compliance and social responsibility at the heart of its concerns.

The Responsible Third Party Reward Kit: A Complete Recognition of Our Commitment

The kit given to Waarp as a reward for this Responsible Third Party silver medal includes several essential elements. First of all, the Provigis certificate, an official document which attests to Waarp's compliance with the strict criteria defined by Provigis, thus confirming our Bronze Responsible Third Party medal previously obtained.

A Tangible Symbol of Waarp’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

The Silver Responsible Third Party medal, which accompanies this certificate, becomes a tangible symbol of our commitment to social responsibility and legal compliance. It is an honor to be recognized by Provigis, which reinforces our position as a company concerned about its impact on society and the environment.

The Information Notice: Sharing Our Commitment with the Professional World

Finally, the information leaflet included in the communication kit provides additional details on the medal on the award criteria, and highlights its importance in the professional world. We are proud to share this information with our colleagues, partners and customers, to increase awareness of our commitment to social responsibility and the high ethical standards that we strive to maintain.


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