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Bronze Medal Third Party Responsible Provigis 2024

It is with great satisfaction that we announce that Waarp has once again obtained the bronze medal from Provigis. This recurrence of recognition attests to our continued commitment to legality, transparency, and social responsibility in our business activities.

The Provigis bronze medal symbolizes our consistency in rigorous compliance with legal obligations, in compliance with article D8222-5 of the Labor Code and social security contribution standards. This new distinction reinforces our credibility as a company that maintains high standards of administrative and social management.

The kit given to Waarp as a reward for this Bronze Responsible Third Party medal includes:

  • the Provigis certificate: This official document attests to Waarp’s compliance with the criteria defined by Provigis and confirms the Bronze Third Party Responsible medal obtained,

  • the Bronze responsible third party medal: symbol of Waarp's commitment to social responsibility and legal compliance, this medal is a sign of recognition from Provigis,

  • The information notice: This document accompanies the communication kit by providing additional information on the Third Party Responsible bronze medal, the award criteria and its importance in the professional world.


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