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Explanatory sheet

Waarp Gateway

stable solutions, open source mft
interoperable solutions, open source mft
monitorable solutions, open source mft
portable solutions, mft open source
  • Command line. REST. etc,

  • Monitoring and follow-up,

  • Windows, GNU/Linux,

  • SQlite, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDb.

What is it about ?

Waarp Gateway is a software solution aimed at bridging various file transfer protocols.

This break has the effect of adapting to the protocols of your external partners.

More concretely, Waarp Gateway is:

  • Dynamically change authentication

  • Specify treatments before (pre-tasks) or after (post-tasks) and in case of error for each transfer. 

  • Specify the rights of each user.

  • Perform imports/exports of the waarp gateway business configuration;

  • Access an administration and monitoring interface in CMD/CLI mode ou directly via the REST API.

Which protocols are compatible?

Waarp Gateway currently supports the following protocols: SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, R66, R66-TLS

Waarp Gateway, cft alternative

What types of treatments?

The treatments are carried out before and after the transfer itself, with the same guarantees:

Waarp Gateway processing, open source mft

What is this tool used for?

Waarp Gateway can be used in  upstream of a Waarp Transfer park.


Waarp Gateway enriches its interoperability protocols (SFTP, HTTP, etc.) with functionalities similar to those of the R66 protocol (transfer rules, pre-tasks, post-tasks, tasks on error). 

The list of tasks includes:

MOVE: move the transfer file

EXEC: call an external program

DELETE: delete the transfer file

TRANSFER: schedule a new transfer

A modernized tool

  • Waarp Gateway, like all of our new tools, is written entirely in Go.

  • It implements the protocols in strict compliance with the corresponding RFCs.

  • It is in production with most of our current customers

Interoperability with FTP and FTPS protocols remains possible with the Waarp-Gateway FTP solution in Java. Support continues to be provided.

​Also discover the explanatory sheets for other solutions  Waarp below.


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