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Explanatory sheet

Waarp Manager

stable solutions, open source mft
interoperable solutions, open source mft
monitorable solutions, open source mft
portable solutions, mft open source
  • Multi OS: Windows, GNU/Linux,

  • SGBD: PostgreSQL,

What's involved?

WAARP Manager is an independent module that provides a web interface for centralised administration and supervision of your transfer infrastructure. This module is the building block for complete, unified industrialisation of Waarp within your IS. It is a comprehensive, intuitive and high-performance tool.

Waarp Manager, a centralized and unique administration

Through this interface, it  you can control all of your transfers, from their configuration to their supervision: 


In particular, you can:


  • Easily configure each internal or external partner;

  • Define your business flows in a few clicks: we automatically take care of the technical aspects of implementation

  • Deploy configuration in one click to all your Waarp Transfer and Waarp Gateway agents

  • Monitor and supervise all of your business flows and transfers

  • Generate activity reports

  • Audit configuration changes

Waarp manager integrates perfectly with the repository of your entire Waarp infrastructure.

You can feed it directly from your CMDB or via a web interface. 

For what use?

Waarp Manager, supervises your exchanges, secure transfer, file exchange

Whether you have two or a thousand transfer agents to manage, Waarp Manager takes the hassle out of setting up partners, flows, implementing business processes and monitoring your transfers, particularly incidents.

A single, intuitive and user-friendly flow management interface lets you describe your fleet and the transfers to be made between your applications, and even your external partners.


Waarp Manager also takes care of retrieving the global history of all your Waarp agents and making sense of them so you can know exactly if and when your files arrived at their destination.


You no longer need to connect to each server to restart, suspend or cancel a transfer, you can do it directly from the Waarp Manager interface.

At a glance, you can see all transfers in progress in real time!

Thanks to its reporting module, you have access to an exclusive view of several elements:

  • Transfer success rate by period, by application, by server, etc.

  • Evolution of the number of transfers carried out,

  • Average transfer speed,

  • Average size of transfers,

​Also discover the explanatory sheets for other solutions  Waarp below.


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