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Waarp Transfer

stable solutions, open source mft
interoperable solutions, open source mft
monitorable solutions, open source mft
portable solutions, mft open source
  • Implements the R66 protocol in Client, Server or File Watcher mode,

  • Fully “controllable” from the command line,

  • Multi OS:Windows, GNU/Linux,

  • Multi DBMS : SQLite,  PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB.

What is it about ?

Waarp transfer is the transfer monitor at Waarp.  It is now written entirely in GB and replaces Waarp R66 Server (which however continues to be supported).

With Waarp transfer you can:

  • Send and receive files in very large quantities.

  • Perform transferserts synchronous And asynchronous.

  • Make transfers immediate or programmed.

  • Perform repeats of transfers.

What are the features of Waarp Transfer?

To make your transfers as easy as possible, many options are integrated into this tool:

  • It includes the ability to secure and encrypt connections,

  • It allows better management of authentication,

  • It allows the execution of external tasks before and after each transfer or in the event of an error, to facilitate integration into your business processes, 

  • It allows and facilitates the resumption of interrupted transfers,

  • It natively guarantees the routing and integrity of the files exchanged.

Between performance...

Waarp Transfer allows you to make an unlimited number of simultaneous transfers and this with a reduced system footprint.

It also allows better optimization of network resources by natively integrating connection multiplexing.

Via the use of TLS, Waarp Transfer allows the security of exchanges by encrypting the network connection.  It is also possible to authenticate users with a certificate. 

The security of business processes is guaranteed by limiting the use of transfer rules for specific users.

Finally, the R66 protocol integrates a double authentication mechanism for the client and the server during an exchange. 

...and safety!

Waarp R66 server, formerly written in java, has been replaced by Waarp Transfer, entirely written in Golang.
What are the benefits of this change?

Very concretely, the Waarp Transfer monitor offers a clear improvement in exploitability (in particular through better readability of Logs).

As the user experience improves, here are some key points to remember:


  • Software installation, configuration and handling have been greatly simplified,

  • Order returns are more readable,

  • The rules are now easily  readable,

  • Certificate management is integrated into the application and significantly simplified,

  • The logs are now explicit and readable,

  • The memory footprint is greatly reduced,

  • Waarp Transfer is less interdependent on third-party tools, which facilitates tool support maintenance operations.

Adaptable to functional needs

  • Client and/or server operation,

  • Sending or retrieving any type of files,

  • Processing procedures before and/or after transfer (or in case of error) associated  at each transfer.

Waarp Transfer, highly integrable into your IS

  • Synchronous or asynchronous transfer request,

  • Possibility of monitoring folders via Filewatcher operation,

  • Containerization via the official Docker image,

  • Most of the monitor's functionality is accessible via the intuitive REST API. 

​Also discover the explanatory sheets for other solutions  Waarp below.


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